Cameras have more to offer than just security

All business owners want to make sure their investments are protected, but what else does a security system have to offer? Retail markets are seeing a benefit in non-security use of surveillance cameras in the built in video analytics. Useful analytics such as people...

Mobile Video Viewing: Why It’s Becoming Indispensible

There has been an explosion in the number of manufacturers and others who offer smartphone apps specifically for viewing video systems. Because smartphones have become increasingly vital tools for business owners, remote and mobile video capabilities have become just...

Analog vs. IP Technology Comparison

Technology Comparison Feature IP Video DVR Image Scan Progressive Scan Interlaced Resolution Multi-Megapixel .4 Megapixel (4CIF) Cabling Single cable for audio, video, power and PTZ control Multiple cables required Analytics Embedded in camera Built into server...

Cost/Benefit Analysis of IP

Cost Analysis Does IP Video have a cost advantage? Are the costs of an IP system more or less than typical analog systems of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and analog cameras? Component Costs The total component costs of IP video can be higher than a DVR solution with...

Formerly Double Vision Security, Now Digital Vision Security!

Digital Vision Security a leading security camera company in Orangeville. After providing Orangeville and the surrounding area with over 10 years of service in the video surveillance field, we have decided to change our name from Double Vision Security to Digital...

Why use IP?

IP is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol. IP was developed in the 1970′s as a way for government and university computers to communicate. The fundamental IP protocol has actually changed very little over the past 30 years – a testament to the simplicity and vision...

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Welcome to Digital Vision Security (formerly Double Vision Security). Completely upgraded website can provide you with up to date information regarding the newest technologies in the security and video surveillance field such as IP based High Definition video...

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