Access Control Systems

Regulate Access to Secure Areas Access control gives you control over your facility by limiting access to visitors, tenants, and your employees. Most keys offer virtually no level of security as they can easily be lost, stolen, duplicated, or not returned. With this in mind, more and more businesses are installing computerized access control systems. Individuals are given a unique card or key FOB which grants them access to selected doors at selected times. Cards or Fobs can easily be deleted when employees leave.

A properly installed system will create a log of all door transactions, thus giving you an audit trail of everything that has occurred in your system.

Having Digital Vision Security install a professional access control system would give you benefits such as:

  1. Restrict and protect high security rooms (Server rooms or File rooms)
  2. Create log of who accessed a room and at what time.
  3. Add/Delete employees to the system with ease without having to cut keys or change locks.
  4. Protect equipment, inventory or property.

Our user friendly design makes it simple and easy to operate our access control systems.

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Access Control
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Controlled Access

In today’s world any facility with multiple employees, tenants, or visitors needs some level of access control. The decision to have access control in your facility is a major part of protecting your building or business.

At Digital Vision Security we can implement an access control system for your specific business or application

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  • We are bonded and insured
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